Wooden Phone Cases

Wooden Phone Cases are the cool new way to protect your phone with a cool and personalised case that makes you stand apart from the crowd.

Your smartphone is exposed to a lot of danger daily, putting on a case makes sense. It can save your phone from scratches, liquid spills and dust. Phone cases not only acts as a protection but also add elegance and character.
Natural Wood is more eye-pleasing than any other material. That’s why our real wood phone cases deliver style and class.

They are laser cut from a flat piece of real wood, folded and wrapped around the sinuous curves of the phone to create a truly unique cover which fits perfectly. Our wooden Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphone cases are what you need in your life.These natural wood phone cases feature rounded edges and a smooth engraved design. With getting smarter, phones are also getting thinner and lighter. Sleek and sexy phones like Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone come with the downfall of being slippery. Putting a wood cover with sides of soft rubberized polycarbonate material on makes gripping easier and lessens the possibility of dropping your device. A natural wood case is more than just a fashion accessory, it gives you better grip and saves your phone from the dangers of occasional dropping. Real wood phone cases made from bamboo wood, walnut wood, cherry wood and rosewood give maximum protection with added charm. Are you the kind of person who likes personalized accessories? Design your own wooden phone case with us and personalize it with a photo, name, logo or a quote. You can also choose from our pre-existing real wooden phone cases. Our range of phone cases includes phone cases with inspirational quotes, travel phone cases and popular movies’ and TV series’ phone cases. You can personalize them with your name or initials too. We also make personalised love gifts. Engrave a picture of your loved one on an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy wooden case and make a perfect romantic gesture. You can also get your family photo or a picture of your parents engraved on a custom iPhone or Samsung Galaxy wooden phone cases. There is no better gift for the world’s best mom and dad than a personalised wooden case. Our wooden cases make great corporate gifts! Think a personalised rosewood or cherry wood iPhone case engraved with your company name and logo. We bet that calls for a promotion!

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